Thoughts on Genesis

Here is an article to read that should get you thinking.

I don’t claim to be a scientist but I do strongly believe that sceintific conclusions can negative affect our view of God’s Word.

A few thoughts to think through as you think through the related issues:

  • I am very convinced that interpreting Genesis as real history is important.  I am not a fan of bending the clear message of these chapters to fit what science is saying.
  • Answers in Genesis has done extensive research to show that young people leave churches following high school and that one of the chief causes of that is having no answer for evolutionists’ claims.  Developing clear, Biblical beliefs as individuals will help us as we teach the Bible to future generations who can have confidence that the Bible says what it says and means what it means.
  • Will you do some of your own reading and thinking to do what you can to do teach and encourage those you know that evolution is a distortion of the clear teaching of God’s Word?  The AIG website is a good place to start.
Thanks for taking the time to read today and to think through what will only become a more prominent issue.  The hearts and minds of our children are at risk!
In Christ,
Pastor Kevin

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