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There is a new movie out this weekend.  It’s being promoted heavily by the Christian church.  It’s called “Courageous”.  I hope to see the movie soon, and I hope it succeeds.

Here is a link to a short article that includes a couple quick endorsements.

It can’t be a bad thing for Christians to make honest attempts to engage culture in this way.  Well, yes, there can be bad movies (and certainly there have been those).  But, I admire the heart of a church with desire, capability, and passion to make this sort of thing a part of their mission.  It seems this movie will be a good tool now and in the future to do something sorely needed: help men be faithful, Biblical husbands.

I hope you’ll join in prayer for the financial and spiritual success of this movie.  Anyone planning to go see it?


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“Why young Christians aren’t waiting anymore”

This article title caught my attention this week.  It reminded me of the reality of pre-marital sex in the teenage Christian American culture.

CNN article “Why young Christians aren’t waiting anymore”

Original Relevant Magazine article

Disclaimer: Although the statistics are alarming, I would speculate that a good portion of the teenagers who say they are Christians but do not act on it (perhaps they have not started an authentic relationship with Christ).  Regardless, it is an important issue for our teenagers and our churches today.



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Random Joys for Friday

Here are 10 things that bring me joy today:

  1. Having our foster daughter with me at work on Friday.
  2. Racing tomorrow in the half marathon in Akron.
  3. Knowing that Jesus died to save me from my sins.
  4. Knowing that frustrations are only temporary.
  5. The opportunity to study the Bible with friends tonight.
  6. The moving of God in my life has brought about the overcoming of sin.
  7. My lovely wife and dear children.
  8. A great staff at church to work with.
  9. Progress in people’s lives.
  10. Recent weddings and one coming up!
Have great Friday everyone.

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Will the poor always be with us?

I encourage you to visit this website and watch the 8 minute video.

Think the poor will always be with you?  Think again.

What do YOU think?



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Be an Encouragement

I definitely like to joke around with people.  And sometimes it’s sarcastic and at times I definitely need to watch pushing the edge.  There are good lines to be drawn in how far humor goes.

But when we use our words in positive ways, the sky’s the limit.   You might have heard this verse from me before, and it’s possible I’ve written about it before too.  But for today, it’s impressed on my heart and I wanted to share again.

Hebrews 3:13 – But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

Take a minute and read that again.  Here are three main benefits to encouragement.

1.  Daily encouragement is an awesome pattern to model.  If we are saying encouraging things on a daily basis, we will gain a reputation as someone genuinely interested in the success of people.  It will also make it easier for us to share critical things when the need arises.

2.  We need encouragement.  The body of Christ is not always a well oiled machine.  There are difficult and discouraging times.  Encouragement builds up the body and helps us think in ways that show our mind is conforming to Christ.

3.  Encouragement guards against sin’s deceitfulness.  If we’re never encouraged, we can commit sin easily.  We can get depressed, we can wonder if we’re doing anything right, we can wonder if our service makes an impact, we can easily feel like no one cares.

Who will you encourage today?

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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Are you lacking vision?

Are you lacking vision or purpose for your life as a believer?  If so, here are some questions that might help you refocus.

-What am I chasing after?  Why am I chasing it?

-What activities am I a part of that I absolutely love doing?

-If I could change one thing about myself to become more like Christ, what would I change?  What steps could I take to make the change?

-If I could change one thing about the world, what would I change?  What steps could I take to make the change?

-What is the legacy that I want to leave for other believers when I die?

Our time on earth is short.  May we live with vision and purpose.



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Seen vs. unseen

Happy Friday everyone.

I want to write a short bit on something I’ve been struggling with lately.  Why do Christians seem to care so much more about sins you can see?  Here’s what I mean.  I think it’s fair to say that we’d be much more upset with someone who compulsively lied to our face that someone who we really liked but was secretly gossiping about us behind our back and we never found out.

I really struggle with this.  I think a lot of the most powerful sins are ones no one can see.  Disagree?  Pride, lust, greed, hatred, racism, etc.  These things start in the heart, where no one can see them.  They come out sometimes in disguises, or sometimes they don’t come out at all.  But they’re still sins.

So, as you struggle with sins of others, first check your heart and be reminded of any sins you are currently struggling with.  Second, just because someone has overcome an “outward” sin, or something you know about, it doesn’t mean you should stop praying against any sin that may be hidden beneath the surface.

In all things, in all ways, may we seek to be full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and other fruits of the spirit.  May these flow out of us as our inner nature conforms to Christ.  And may our outward actions reflect our inwardly changing heart.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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