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12-15-13 Isaiah 42:5 NIV

Joy:  It’s Truly Timeless

I.  This Is What God Says

A.  God the Lord is authority

B.  When God speaks, we should listen.

C.  There is no fear in proclaiming this.

II.  His Work

A.  He created the heavens.

B.  He spread out the earth.

C.  He gives life.

D.  He is responsible.

III.  Where Is Joy In All This?

A.  A reminder: joy is not an emotion.  It’s a state.

B.  Who we are is because of who God is.

C.  God grants life, and He desires abundance–in ALL things.

D.  Our joy is that He is in charge.


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12-8-13 Isaiah 42:3-4 NIV

Peace:  When Comparison Is Removed!

Isaiah 42:3-4

I.  The Servant Destroys Comparison

A.  God’s justice is not by force.

B.  God’s justice is for those in need of repair (Luke 7:47).

C.  Comparison is destroyed by God’s work.

II.  Justice and Peace

A.  God’s justice is faithful.

B.  God’s justice doesn’t falter (Rom. 12:19).

C.  God’s justice is attractive

III.  Peace and Expectation

A.  Is it possible for you?

B.  Do you really desire it for others?

C.  When God is your anchor, comparison is destroyed.

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12-1-13 Isaiah 42:1-2 NIV

What Hope Would Jesus Bring?

Isaiah 42:1-2

I.  A Hope from God

A.  Here is my servant.

B.  In whom I delight.

C.  God is three equal persons.

II.  A Hope for Justice

A.  Justice would come to the nations.

B.  But, not by one who clamored.

III.  Attaching Our Hope

A.  Only to what God has.

B.  NOT to what we want.

IV.  For Application

A.  God has our best in mind and always has.

B.  Hope in the right place brings contentment that can’t be matched.

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11-24-13 Joshua 8:18-29 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance

Part 9: God Does Things No One Likes to Talk About

I.  Look on the Page

A.  Some people are safe in God’s promises.

B.  Some people are outside God’s promises.

C.  God’s promises come with opposition.

C.  Killing and destruction are a part of God’s promises.

II.  Reality

A.  This is a part of the story.  It’s not THE story.

B.  This pushes many farther away.

C.  It should bring us closer.  God is just.

D.  Do you like this?

III.  Punishment of Death

A.  The king hung on a tree.

B.  The king was buried.

C.  Justice required death.

D.  Jesus rose — death will end.

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11-17-13 Hebrews 10:19-25 NIV

A Faith That Worships, Perseveres, and Witnesses

I.  We Worship

A.  Worshiping Jesus brings confidence.

B.  He is a High Priest like none other.

C.  We worship out of forgiveness.

II.  We Preserve

A.  Hold unswervingly.

B.  Hold to hope.

C.  Hold tightly and encourage commitment.

III.  We Propagate (Multiply)

A.  Love is a witness.

B.  Good deeds are a witness.

C.  Spur in truth, or wither in disaffection.

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11-10-13 Exodus 20″3-17 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance

Part 8:  True Worship Directs the Wandering Heart

Because of Freedom

I.  True Worship Worships God

A.  God is authority.  He is jealous.

B.  He wants us to keep His commands.  It’s about love.

C.  This destroys selfreliance.

II.  Build Strong Relationships…

A.  With your parents.

Family is important.

B.  With your spouse.

Marriage is important.

C.  With your surroundings.

Guard your heart.

III.  True Moral Character

A.  We don’t have any.  We need something else.

B.  Is peaceful contentment growing?

C.  Focus on what you CAN’T do.


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11-3-13 Exodus 20:1-2 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance

Part 7:  Obedience Grounded In Freedom

I.  The Self…

A.  Might be hardened, at the bottom of the sea

B.  Or, it’s free because of God.

C.  Must be molded by God.  We have zero authority.

II.  God — The Opposite of Self

A.  God spoke to Moses.

B.  He is Lord.

C.  God grants a heart to obey.

D.  It’s because of His glory.

III.  About Obedience

A.  The structure MUST reflect the God.

B.  Making disciples can be a God.  Don’t be the older brother.

C.  Mediate on our ultimate freedom in Christ.

D.  Obey only because of freedom.

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