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Awaken the dawn

Psalm 57:8 – “Awake, my soul!  Awake, harp and lyre!  I will awaken the dawn.”
Psalm 108:2 – “Awake, harp and lyre!  I will awaken the dawn.”
I have been challenged lately by the powerful imagery of David’s worship awakening the dawn.  Think about that for a moment. 
David says HE will awaken the dawn.  With his worship of God.
I have thought about this imagery literally.  I can imagine David worshiping all night long with his harp and lyre, writing new songs, and calling out praises to God in the darkness of the night.  I can picture him in the fields under the vast expanse of the starry sky singing and dancing.  Perhaps he worshiped all night long with great anticipation of the sun eventually rising. 
I have also thought about this imagery figuratively.  I can picture David worshiping God during the dark times in his life, when everything seemed to be falling apart, and there was little hope of light.  I wonder if because he worshiped God, that new dawns were awoken in his life and in his nation.  I can see him falling on his face in worship, and God responding by bringing him hope, renewal and light into his life.
So I have been asking myself…
Do I worship God in the darkest moments of my life? 
Do I worship God all day and all night long? 
Do I worship with the anticipation of new days being brought into existence because of my worship?
If I don’t worship, are new dawns never realized?
Do I worship with the anticipation of revival?
May our worship of God awaken the dawn.

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01-27-13 Mark 12:28-34 NIV

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Sanctity of Human Life – Questions from my heart.

Why not make it an entire week of posting about Sanctity of Human Life?

We have posted some resources on our church’s blog already, and today it’s my desire to post some questions to help you think, pray, and respond:

  1. If someone were killing innocent people in the house next to us and the government said it was legal, would we do something about it?
  2. Do you truly have a desire to show the love, grace, and forgiveness available through Christ to those who have had abortions and to those in the pro-abortion camp?
  3. Are you thoroughly convinced this is a spiritual issue? Or, do you view this as political, and just not want to get involved?
  4. Are you aware the two women in the original Supreme Court cases that legalized abortions have reversed course and are now both pro-life?
  5. Are you wiling to commit to pray that God would be honored and glorified through a reduction in abortions in the United and States and around the world?
  6. Is there some specific way you feel called to get involved?

Please, think, pray, respond.  May we have a heart for the unborn, and may we desire the gospel reach many in this fight!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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10 questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media

For my blog post this week, I thought I would share a link to an article again.  In light of this past Sunday’s sanctity of life focus, here is a revealing article into the problems of the pro-choice argument for abortions.

Here are 10 questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media, by Trevin Wax.

May they know we are Christians by our love.  Our love for the unborn, and our love for even those we strongly disagree with.  May we shine light on the truth of the abortion issue in a way that would bring the utmost honor and glory to Christ.



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Sanctity of Human Life – Sunday’s sermon and an article to share.

Sunday was sanctity of human life Sunday.

Here is a link to Sunday’s sermon.

Here’s an article that helps think about the need for love and forgiveness for those who’ve had abortions.

I am praying for Goss Memorial, that we will have a strong presence and voice for life in a culture of death for the unborn.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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1-20-13 Matthew 1:18-25 NIV

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Please don’t freak out.

Sounds like a weird title.  Especially since sometimes I freak out.

Like when? Like the time recently I received news that thrilled me.  I jumped up and down on the conference room chairs at church and hit the ceiling tiles and made a mess as stuff fell from the ceiling onto the table.

Or, like the time when Lexi’s school called me and left me a polite voice mail that they did not have record of her attendance when she had gotten on the bus. 

Both of those things cause some freaking out, to be sure.

I want to address the simple tendency we have to freak out about things.  Here are some examples:

Stressful situations, crisis, indecision, the unexpected, and the unknown.

What I’m NOT SAYING is that emotions are not allowed.  We must process our emotions in order to stay healthy.  Suppressing our emotions can really cause us to become basket cases.

What I AM SAYING is that extreme emotions really aren’t helpful. Think about it: in a life or death situation, when was the last time someone who was hysterical was credited with reacting in a way that made the situation better? When was the last time anyone profited from someone going off on someone about something that didn’t go their way? Has losing your grip and hitting something ever helped anyone (besides the plaster repair people)? And, when has constant anxiety ever brought about spiritual growth?

There is a lot of wisdom in the simple verse many people know.  The Bible says in James 1:19:

New International Version (©1984)
My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

Living this way and applying this truth especially to difficult situations can bring God peace and comfort into a situation in very practical ways. Those who are able to genuinely manage their emotions and handle them well can avoid the extremes that cause so much up and down, and so much negative reaction.  Extreme emotions also cause a lot of hurt and regret.

So, pray for God’s peace.  Seek to live it.  And please, the next time something comes your way that is stressful, unexpected, crisis-level, etc. DON’T FREAK OUT.

Gal 5:22 …”and the fruit of the spirit is . . . peace . . . “

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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