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Top 10 of ’10

Here are my top 10 of ’10 memories.  What are yours?

  1. Julie and I have taken in several foster care placements this year.  It has been enjoyable to honor God with this service.  We are still praying for the right situation to adopt a child.
  2. Wrapping up 10 years of youth ministry.  I have many fond memories of the 10 years I spent in youth ministry.  Actually, I have watched the video/slideshow a couple times over the past week.  What a combo of heartbreak and joy.
  3. Pastor Bud’s retirement from Goss.  Pastor Bud had a big influence on me in ministry, and his retirement was certainly a significant part of my life for 2010.
  4. Man, this summer was hot! I will remember the summer of 2010 for running my air conditioner more than I have in the past.  Here’s hoping for a cooler 2011.
  5. Truly riveting news stories. Oil spill, ash cloud, Chilean miners.  There was a lot to pay attention to this year to be sure.
  6. Going to New York City.  On Friday, August 6, Larry Walton and I took off for New York City out of Canton/Akron.  We returned Saturday afternoon the 7th!  But we had a great time, seeing a lot of stuff in those 30 or so hours.  Too bad the Red Sox beat the Yankees.
  7. Trips with the family.  I truly love my kids and it’s great when we get a few days away here and there.  Trips to grandmas, a trip to the beach, day trips to grandparents in Alliance – these all make for wonderful memories of 2010.
  8. Completing Greek I.  Language has always been baffling to me, and Greek I was no different.  I made it through.  I really do doubt whether I’ll try to conquer Greek II.
  9. Another year of experience. There are lots of things I experienced on a personal level in 2010 that are helpful.  Whether it’s been enduring crisis, surviving a tough training season and running another race, learning a new set of responsibilities, seeing our home still functioning well and with purpose after adding children to it at various times, it’s been a great year of learning and growing.
  10. Loving people is awesome. I know there are some people who would not enjoy my job.  But I love my job, because at the heart of loving my job is loving people.  It’s a joy to love people by pointing them toward a deeper faith in Christ.  I pray that my own faith deepens in 2011 and that we will see God to great things among us.

Enjoy your New Year’s Celebrations.  See you tonight at 6:00 for the annual New Year’s Dinner.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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Reflections and Resolutions

When it comes to the end of the year, I am a sucker for end of the year montages and reflections on the past year.  Whenever a ‘Look Back at 2010’ video segment comes on a TV show, or a ‘Year in Photos’ story pops up on a news website, I am hooked and become all nostalgic inside.  So, naturally, at the end of 2010, I start to reflect.

I will remember many things from 2010, the biggest of which is the move Kristi and I made from Huntington to Kenmore, and the start of my employment at the Youth Director at Goss.  I’ll remember the BP Oil Spill, the Chilean Coal Miners rescue, the ‘Burn the Quran Day’ that was called off, and the earthquake in Haiti.  I will also remember 2010 as the year LBJ left the Cavs, and the year the Akron Zips won the NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship.

As we reflect on the past year, it’s also important to look forward.  I have made a few new years resolutions to challenge myself in the next year.  Here are some of the goals/resolutions I have made for 2011:

-Train and run a half-marathon

-Drink no carbonated beverages all year

-Read 4 books cover to cover (which is actually a challenge for me…)

-Figure out a long-term plan for higher education or more schooling/learning

-Finish all the major house projects in our new home

-Actually follow my Bible reading plan

-Pray more

-Lead a youth to Christ

-Improve my abilities as a worship leader

-Improve as a youth director

I will also be challenging the youth to think of 2-3 spiritual goals concerning their walk with Christ this Sunday.  Please pray that our youth would set challenging goals, and that through the work of the Holy Spirit and Godly mentors that they might draw closer to Christ in 2011.

What will you remember from 2010?  Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2011?



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Wrapping Up Advent

Tonight we celebrate Jesus Christ, the light of the world born into our darkness.  Born into an earth darkened by sin and despair, bringing hope and peace for all who will believe in Him.

Sunday we will take a service and briefly touch upon our advent themes while sharing some stories of ministry opportunities made by our congregation.

Can you believe it’s all come this far so quickly?  It’s been an enjoyable season, so here are a few last prayer requests as we head into it:

1.  That God’s Word would be attractive to us as we dwell on these amazing truths.

2.  For widows and those who have lost loved ones – that Jesus’ peace would be real and present.

3.  That lives would change because Jesus is the Savior of the World.  Let earth receive her king!

4.  That missionaries would receive special encouragement and comfort if they celebrate away from home.

I’m praying for a blessed time over the next several days, and I’m looking forward to 2011 very very much!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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12-19-10 Lamentations 3:22-26

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Christmas Variety Night Movie

For those of you who missed our Christmas Variety night, and for those of you who want a second viewing, here is the Christmas Variety Night Movie!




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Yesterday’s sermon featured a short section about what it is to wait when things are bad.  Here is a link that will get you thinking. Maybe this will get you doing some deeper research?

Have a great Monday.  It is my hope and prayer that everyone will experience a rich Christmas celebration focused on the hope, peace, joy, and love available to us through Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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I experience the world through music.  My wife is frequently baffled as to how many details in life I forget, yet I can remember the lyrics to nearly every song I’ve ever heard.  So naturally, when I think about love, I connect what it means to love with songs that I have heard about love.

My opinion is there are too many songs about love.  Almost every artist, Christian and secular, writes about love.  Love gets used in so many different ways, perhaps so much so that the word love has lost its meaning.

As we approach the last Sunday of Advent, we will be challenged with what it means that God loves us.  God’s love for us isn’t comparable to any other love we have ever or will ever experience.  It is passionate.  It is relentless.  We as humans try so hard to compare our experiences with God to our experiences with other people, but the truth is God and humans are incomparable.  We can’t say God loves us like someone else loves us.  We can’t compare His love to anything else.

I’ve been personally moved by the story behind a song called  “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan, which has recently been made popular by the David Crowder Band.  If you are musically minded, I would encourage you to watch and listen to these videos, and be challenged as to just how much God loves us.

The Story Behind the Song How He Loves

The Song How He Loves

What a great way to conclude Advent – with Love.  May we think about how Hope, Peace, and Joy help us catch just a glimpse of God’s Love for us.



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