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7-28-13 1 Peter 5:1-5 NIV


Our Leader Uses Leaders

I.  Jesus Is Our Shepherd

A.  We are under Jesus’ authority.

B.  We listen as we trust Him to lead us.

C.  The Great Shepherd destroys self trust.


II.  Jesus Uses Local Shepherds

A.  Why were there shepherds among them?

B.  Shepherds reflect deep truth about God.

C.  Shepherds reflect God’s moral character.


III.  The Local Church Thrives Under Godly Leadership

A.  Being a shepherd

1.  It’s a joyful burden.  It requires humility and prayer.

2.  We desire to know who the sheep are.

3.  We desire quality future leadership.

B.  Being a sheep

1.  We are all sheep

2.  Commit to loving service under committed leadership.

3.  Humbly lift the burden.


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7-21-13 Isaiah 6 NIV

In the Zone

I.  God is Sovereign

II.  God is Pure

III.  God is Omnipotent

IV.  I am Ruined

The classic PROBLEM

A solution originated by God

I.  Guilt is taken Away

II.  Sin is Atoned

III.  Sending becomes Automatic

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Exciting Stuff Happening!

Here are some exciting things happening around Goss:

  1. A great week of VBS! Much more to come on this later.
  2. Someone recently read a chapter of Scripture and was really challenged by its contents.
  3. Several families are expecting babies in the next few months.
  4. Our sermons have reminded us that Jesus is the Head of the church, including all local churches, which means ours! We also know that He has a plan that involves us!
  5. I have been impressed with the way volunteers have worked with kids from many different backgrounds and levels of need during the week of VBS.
  6. Challenges and difficult situations are being met in a Scriptural way which honors God’s sovereignty and rests in His plans.
  7. Several seeking help with decisions have sought Scripture and wise counsel before proceeding.
  8. I’ve heard from several people recently about their desire to share their faith.

This is only a sampling of what God is doing.  Please pray for more, and praise Him for what He’s done!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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7-14-13 Ephesians 4:3-13 NIV

Our Leader Has A Plan

I. The Head Knows the Body
A. The Head is not


B. Jesus knows His




is very important.

II. The Plan is Beyond Our Imagination
A. This is partly


B. This is partly


C. But this can’t really be



III. The Plan Involves You
A. Jesus may recognize you as a


B. Jesus wants people to be


C. Gladly embrace your




are His plan.

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7-7-13 Colossians 1:15-20 NIV

Let Me Introduce You To Our Leader

I. Jesus, God
A. The only image we should want to be like.
B. The creator of everything.
C. Notice the authority Jesus has.

II. Jesus, Sustainer
A. He holds things together.
B. The world may shift, Jesus will not.

III. Jesus, Our Leader
A. He is the head of the Church.
B. He desires and deserves glory.
C. It is all possible because of the cross.

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