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Great Thoughts About God and Our Cultural Crisis

Here is an article I would recommend you read and share with everyone you know.  It contains much truth regarding our current cultural crisis. This should help you think about God’s role and yours in being effective for Jesus in 2013 and beyond.

Click here to read: How to Survive a Cultural Crisis

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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5-26-13 Mark 14:53-65 NIV

I. Who Murders?
A. Criminals murder.
B. Passionate individuals murder.
C. Those very close to someone murder.
D. Murder happens in the name of religion.
II. The authorities were supposed to love God.
A. They were in charge of the temple.
B. They didn’t really know God. Justice would have prevailed otherwise.
C. We should be very, very careful.
III. Practical warnings for 2013.
A. False and irrational things WILL be said.
B. Many appearing to know Jesus WILL NOT.
C. Know and serve the Christ. What faith would we protect?
Discipleship Challenge:
It is impossible to follow Christ part way. Don’t be angry that Jesus is the Lord.

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05-19-13 Mark 14:43-52 NIV

I. It’s easy to think the world will help you.
A. Worldly thinking wants to control.
B. Worldly thinking schemes.
C. Worldly thinking brings worldly responses.
II. Jesus created the world.
A. We must understand Jesus’ authority over the world.
B. The Gospel is called Good News – we don’t have to live this way anymore.
C. Jesus responds in healing and love.
III. Which is pressed into your mind?
A. Faulty views of God lead to murder.
B. If you see, you’re becoming like Jesus.
C. If you don’t see, this garden will never matter.
Evangelism Challenge:
God, open our blind eyes!

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Life is NOT Fair

There is nothing fair about life.

I was at the Basics Conference for pastors at Parkside Church this week, and a message reminded me of this powerful truth. I encourage you to read the parable of the laborer a in the vineyard. It is found in Matthew 20.

A few thoughts to challenge you this beautiful Friday.

1. We don’t praise God enough for what He’s done.

The laborers who worked all day didn’t praise God for what they had. They weren’t portrayed as grateful, but selfish. If we’ve been laboring long for God, let’s remember to be grateful for what He’s given us!

2. We are not the landowner.

This simply means things will not always work the way we think they’re supposed to work. Churches will not grow like we think. Sacrifice will not always be rewarded. People getting saved at the end of their lives will go to heaven. Many things that seems unjust will stand. Why? Because God is God and we are not.

3. He may give us what we deserve.

We should be careful whining to God about what we think we deserve. He may just give it to us. That could be the line from this conference that will resonate with me for months and years to come.

Life is not fair. God is ultimately just. His ways seem so upside down at times, but we should be careful to give him all the praise – all the time.

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5-12-13 Ephesians 5:1-21 NIV

Live a Life of Love

I.   A Clear Message of Your Standing Demonstrates Love.

      A.  Be able to answer: are you a child of God?

     B.  Demonstrate your acceptance of God’s love.

     C.  Imitating Christ is fragrance.

II.  Light Is Glorious.

     A.  Sin is dark.

     B.  Sin dims beauty.

     C.  Seek light!

III.  The Life of Love

     A.  Love maximizes life.

     B.  Love relinquishes control.

     C.  Love gives thanks.

IV.  Application

     A.  For men: recognize differences and genuinely lead toward Christ!

     B.  For all:  extend grace.

     C.  Women: show us your unique gifts and encourage us with your lives of love!

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5-5-13 Mark 14:32-42 NIV

What Does Jesus’ anguish tell us?

  • He can relate to sorrow.
  • His sorrow is not hidden.
  • He was honest with God.

Are we interested in God’s will?

  • Knowing it doesn’t come easily.
  • Agreeing with it can be very difficult.
  • Admit that your will may not be His.

What’s wrong with sleeping?

  • Sleeping represented weakness.
  • Weakness is described as absence of prayer.
  • Alertness helps us know, accept, and live God’s will.

Challenge:  Do whatever it takes, right now, to crush the areas of your will that are unsubmissive to God’s will.

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