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9-29-13 Genesis 6:1-8 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance.

Part Three–Sin and Grace–Is This a Pattern?

I.  Talk About the Bible!

A.  Remember, it’s God’s Word.  It can build us up to think.

B.  Things we don’t know remind us we’re not God.

C.  Focus on what we Do know.

II.  What Do We Know?

A.  God is not like us.

B.  Sin has gotten worse.

C.  Willful sexual immorality is nothing new.

III.  Noah and Jesus

A.  God judges sin.

B.  Rebellion grieves God.

C.  Jesus is the only way to escape judgment.

D.  Don’t try it without grace.


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Is Your Life Full of Hope?

Last Sunday, I preached from Genesis 3.  It is a passage that is full of very destructive things.  But the message the Lord laid on my heart to share with our congregation is full of hope.

Yes, Adam and Eve blew it.  They destroyed the fellowship man had with God and brought sin into the equation.  That is one loaded sentence, full of literally billions of implications and consequences.

But there is so much hope. God did NOT snuff out Adam and Eve.  He didn’t put them back into the rib or back into the dust from which they were formed.  It was a show of God’s grace, His hope. 

My question today: Is your life full of hope?

It is very easy for us to focus on the negative.  First Glance, a local Christian ministry for teens, had an assault take place in the back alley.  They event made the local news and all of a sudden people are all up in arms about First Glance (is everything ok?), our community (oh things are so bad!) and bad people in general (I can’t believe a woman assaulted to young men with her young children taking part!).

I’m glad the two young men are ok; that is praiseworthy.  But there’s a question here that fits into a larger filter of how we understand life: Do we believe the woman committing the assault has hope? Are we people of hope, praying for her salvation and that she would learn from her mistakes? Have we said things to First Glance to encourage them when they’re in the news and don’t want to be?

Love hopes all things, and believes all things.  Even in a story like this (which I mentioned Sunday), God can bring about hope and healing.  Our call today? Raise our level of hope!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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9-22-13 Genesis 3:8-19 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance.

Part Two–Adam and Eve and the Hope of Christ

I.  Adam and Eve

A.  It was all about God.

B.  Fellowship was destroyed.

C.  They were together.

II.  Jesus

A.  The truth is that God is cursing.

B.  God has a remedy for sin. (Rom. 5:16)

C.  God could have started over, but He didn’t.  He allows us to press on.

D.  A head or a heel?  There is hope!

III.  Practical

A.  Work is not punishment.  It can still be worship.

B.  Men are called to sacrificial responsibility.  (1 Cor. 11:9)

C.  Women need spiritual and physical security.

D.  Decline and death should not surprise us.  They should humble us.

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The Science of Creation

In last week’s message, I said that the science of creation is important.  I very much believe that.

People will go one of three ways in their thinking about the science of creation.  

1. God’s Word is correct and can be trusted for a scientific timeline and scientific data.

2. God’s Word is rubbish and should be trusted for nothing.  Science alone should be trusted.

3. Somewhere in between.

Here is a link to the article I used for my research on multituberculates.

It all comes down to what you believe about God’s Word.  If you just don’t believe it’s enough to give us scientific evidence about God’s creation, then you will end up adding some human information to it and adjusting the language. Lots of believers have varying views about this, so I really don’t wish to alienate anyone. I just want to say I think it is about Biblical authority.

The Answers in Genesis website answers a lot of questions, and is very current in the information they have.  I encourage you to check it out.  Creation is about redemption in every way. We need to have a rock solid view of creation in order to understand redemption.  

For me, the best way to do that is to hold a consistent view of God’s Word!

Have a great Friday everyone.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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9-15-13 Genesis 1:1-26 NIV

Part One — Jesus In Creation.

Genesis 1:1-16

I.  Creation is About God

A.  The same Father is there.

B.  The same Spirit is there.  (Ps. 22:6-7; Job 26:13)

C.  The same Jesus is there.  (Col. 1:16)

II.  Creation Is Truth

A.  God spoke it into existence.

B.  The science is really important.

C.  Observations confirm truth.

III.  Creation Is About Redemption

A.  Jesus is true, Creation is true.

B.  Redemption was in God’s plan before creation.

C.  The details of creation show God’s “set design.”

Challenge:  Embrace your role in God’s drama!

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9-8-13 Deuteronomy 30:11-15

Acing the Prosperity Test

I.  The Standard Can Be Known

A.  It is not too hard.

B.  It is not too hidden.

C.  It is revealed.

II.  How God Works

A.  He wants us to see His work and respond.

B.  Freedom is important.

C.  Freedom leads to law and structure.

III.  When God’s Word Works

A.  Life is about Him.

B.  Knowledge is about Him.

C.  Problems are about Him.

D.  Satisfaction is about Him.

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Common Views of the Bible

The Bible is definitely viewed differently today than it was even ten to fifteen years ago. I think it’s worth it to think through what I think are some common views of the Bible.

These are views that sum up a lot of reaction and interaction I’ve had both personally with individuals and through what I read. What would you add to this list?

1. The Bible is the Word of God.

I’ll start with the only view that matters to me, and the only view that should matter to Christians.  God has a standard, He always has.  He’s miraculously communicated His Word to us, and it is useful to us in every way as we seek to live our lives for Him. If you want to know anything about how to relate to God, you can find it in the Bible.

Important to this view is that the Bible is a large collection of writings. God’s Word was written with different purposes in different time frames, and it does take some work to understand it well.  You should not expect to easily grasp something this large and written over such a long time period.

2. The Bible is the hateful words of a hateful God.

This view is that God is hateful and the Bible is used to thump people.  I have witnessed first hand some very negative opinions about the Bible, and they seem to be tied to a direct hatred of God.

3. The Bible is convenient for what I want.

This is the view that the Bible teaches nice things, but we shouldn’t really go to it looking for anything meaty.  This type of view will be fine with a surface understanding of God and His Word, but won’t seek much deeper than that.

This type of view fits very well with our current culture. Most people in culture think they’re free to determine right and wrong like they are their favorite flavor of ice cream. The Bible is useful to our culture in this way.  Lots of people know Matthew 7:1 – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

4. The Bible should be interpreted with the current culture.

Never mind that a day really means a day. Never mind that the overall thrust of the Bible points to certain kinds of relationships that glorify God. If we want to believe what the world is telling us, then it seems many believe we should re-work how we think of the Bible.

This is most sad to me when it comes to creation.  The Bible says God made the earth in six days and there is plenty of great thinking that backs this up.  I know it’s a “non-essential” but can’t we admit that really as briefly as hundred years ago the Church by and large wasn’t looking to add evolution into Genesis?

I hope this gets you think about God’s Word. What do you believe about it?

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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