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Advent – Peace

Peace seems like a far off hope for most of us.  A pipe dream if you will.  Something that we want, but rarely obtain.  Our lives are “busy”, and we seldom create opportunities to experience God’s peace.

I found this video a couple weeks ago and it is described as “the quietest, loudest video you will ever see”.  If you have 7 and a half minutes with nothing to distract you, use this video to quiet your busy mind.  Watch it full screen to eliminate all distractions.  If you don’t have time, perhaps you are too busy, and this video is just for you.

The Prince of Peace is HERE.

May the Lord Jesus Christ fill you with peace that only He can provide this advent season.




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11-27-11 Mark 2:18-22

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11-20-11 Mark 2:13-17

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Advent – Hope

Can you believe we are approaching Advent season already?  With this coming Sunday being the first Advent Sunday of the season, we will be showing the following video.  It is a reminder for us all to keep things in perspective.  If you have a feeling that they way you and your family are celebrating Christmas is not Christ-centered, I encourage you to to check out the Advent Conspiracy website.  Let’s all be challenged to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all.

May our hope be ONLY in Christ.  His crucifixion and resurrection should give us hope this Christmas season, and always.



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Whose Responsibility Is Spiritual Growth?

We desire spiritual growth.  Duhhhh.  Here is an article that talks about five signs of spiritual growth:

These are helpful.  Certainly, they’re not complete.  But they should help get you thinking.

And they begin to help us think through the question:  Who is responsible for spiritual growth? A few thoughts:

1.  The Bible tells us that none seek God.  

Clearly, God must be involved in changing our desires.  We can’t just decide to be better people.  Only by His grace and love can we ever have any hope of being like Him, truly understanding forgiveness, and changing our ways.

2. It is our responsibility to make decisions.

We’re not robots either.  We should make different decisions if we claim God is changing us.  The same old same old of sin and selfishness must not remain.  We’ve been studying Proverbs 2 on Wednesday nights and displayed prominently in the first few verses of that chapter is the instruction to call out for wisdom, to treasure it.  That is something we must do as we navigate a difficult world as believers.

3. Spiritual growth is a fight between flesh and spirit.

Read Romans 6 and know that just because you’re converted, saved, by Jesus doesn’t mean your fleshly desires will go away.  You will still struggle with sin.  You will have temptations that come to drag you down.  It’s called spiritual warfare.  In a war, you want your side to win.  This is no different.  Except there are spiritual weapons, not earthly ones.  Do you want to win?

In sum . . .

Do you want to win?  That’s a big question.  If you do, are you relying on God to change you or are you trying to change yourself?  There’s a huge difference there.  Does God’s Word satisfy?  Is time in prayer precious?  These things are not cheap or trite, they WILL change you.  But God must change your desires.  Ask for that first, and every step along the way.


God, change my heart today.  Help me want to be like you.  Help me crave your wisdom in making decisions.  Help me to be conformed to your Word.  Forgive me when I don’t, and inspire me to be changed by Your great love.  Thanks for showing us Your love on the cross through Jesus.  Help us accept it and be changed by it more and more!



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11-6-11 Through the Roof testimony

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10-30-11 Mark 2:1-12

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