11-24-13 Joshua 8:18-29 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance

Part 9: God Does Things No One Likes to Talk About

I.  Look on the Page

A.  Some people are safe in God’s promises.

B.  Some people are outside God’s promises.

C.  God’s promises come with opposition.

C.  Killing and destruction are a part of God’s promises.

II.  Reality

A.  This is a part of the story.  It’s not THE story.

B.  This pushes many farther away.

C.  It should bring us closer.  God is just.

D.  Do you like this?

III.  Punishment of Death

A.  The king hung on a tree.

B.  The king was buried.

C.  Justice required death.

D.  Jesus rose — death will end.


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