11-10-13 Exodus 20″3-17 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance

Part 8:  True Worship Directs the Wandering Heart

Because of Freedom

I.  True Worship Worships God

A.  God is authority.  He is jealous.

B.  He wants us to keep His commands.  It’s about love.

C.  This destroys selfreliance.

II.  Build Strong Relationships…

A.  With your parents.

Family is important.

B.  With your spouse.

Marriage is important.

C.  With your surroundings.

Guard your heart.

III.  True Moral Character

A.  We don’t have any.  We need something else.

B.  Is peaceful contentment growing?

C.  Focus on what you CAN’T do.



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