Have You Thought About the Holy Spirit?

This weekend, our teens will be at Stony Glen camp for an annual youth retreat.  Josh’s theme for the weekend is the Holy Spirit.  I’m praying for God to move in a mighty way in our teens and leaders and I hope you’ll join me!

But since those reading this most likely aren’t going, how about some quick thoughts about God the Holy Spirit?

1. The Spirit is God.

I actually think it’s terms such as the Holy Ghost that have turned the Spirit into a mystery.  It’s not a mystery; it’s God! We see the Spirit at creation, hovering over the waters, helping speak creation into existence! There are many other proofs in the Bible that the Spirit is God, but for now get your mind around the fact that it is NOT  mystery.

2. The Spirit makes us alive in Christ.

John 3 shows the necessity of the rebirth.  It shows the power of the Holy Spirit to take our natural human souls (dead) and awaken them to the truth of God (alive). Romans 8 is very descriptive when it comes to the power of the Spirit to set us free from the law of sin and death.

3. The Spirit lives in us and guarantees our salvation.

True Christians have the Holy Spirit in them.  Ephesians 1:13-14 describe the Spirit as a deposit which guarantees our inheritance as part of God’s family.  Since we can’t do that, and no human can do that, the Spirit (God!) does that for us. Is it powerful to think that God Himself is living in side you?

Do these quick thoughts about the Holy Spirit make for a great reminder about God’s role in your salvation? I hope so. Know that God is with us and working in us. Know that the power of God is with us and will be with us until the return of Christ. May we lean on the Holy Spirit for teaching, conviction, leading, comfort, etc. as we navigate this life God has richly blessed us with!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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