Is Your Life Full of Hope?

Last Sunday, I preached from Genesis 3.  It is a passage that is full of very destructive things.  But the message the Lord laid on my heart to share with our congregation is full of hope.

Yes, Adam and Eve blew it.  They destroyed the fellowship man had with God and brought sin into the equation.  That is one loaded sentence, full of literally billions of implications and consequences.

But there is so much hope. God did NOT snuff out Adam and Eve.  He didn’t put them back into the rib or back into the dust from which they were formed.  It was a show of God’s grace, His hope. 

My question today: Is your life full of hope?

It is very easy for us to focus on the negative.  First Glance, a local Christian ministry for teens, had an assault take place in the back alley.  They event made the local news and all of a sudden people are all up in arms about First Glance (is everything ok?), our community (oh things are so bad!) and bad people in general (I can’t believe a woman assaulted to young men with her young children taking part!).

I’m glad the two young men are ok; that is praiseworthy.  But there’s a question here that fits into a larger filter of how we understand life: Do we believe the woman committing the assault has hope? Are we people of hope, praying for her salvation and that she would learn from her mistakes? Have we said things to First Glance to encourage them when they’re in the news and don’t want to be?

Love hopes all things, and believes all things.  Even in a story like this (which I mentioned Sunday), God can bring about hope and healing.  Our call today? Raise our level of hope!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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