9-22-13 Genesis 3:8-19 NIV

Out of Date?  Not a Chance.

Part Two–Adam and Eve and the Hope of Christ

I.  Adam and Eve

A.  It was all about God.

B.  Fellowship was destroyed.

C.  They were together.

II.  Jesus

A.  The truth is that God is cursing.

B.  God has a remedy for sin. (Rom. 5:16)

C.  God could have started over, but He didn’t.  He allows us to press on.

D.  A head or a heel?  There is hope!

III.  Practical

A.  Work is not punishment.  It can still be worship.

B.  Men are called to sacrificial responsibility.  (1 Cor. 11:9)

C.  Women need spiritual and physical security.

D.  Decline and death should not surprise us.  They should humble us.


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