9-15-13 Genesis 1:1-26 NIV

Part One — Jesus In Creation.

Genesis 1:1-16

I.  Creation is About God

A.  The same Father is there.

B.  The same Spirit is there.  (Ps. 22:6-7; Job 26:13)

C.  The same Jesus is there.  (Col. 1:16)

II.  Creation Is Truth

A.  God spoke it into existence.

B.  The science is really important.

C.  Observations confirm truth.

III.  Creation Is About Redemption

A.  Jesus is true, Creation is true.

B.  Redemption was in God’s plan before creation.

C.  The details of creation show God’s “set design.”

Challenge:  Embrace your role in God’s drama!

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