9-1-13 2 Timothy 3:10-17 NIV



To Be Continued

I.  True Christianity

A.  Many things lumped together, not separate.

B.  Relationship is present.

C.  Persecution is a guarantee.

Children’s Question:  Why are Christians hated for their faith?

II.  Be Continued!

A.  Learning begins early.

B.  Learning brings conviction.

C.  Learning has application – It’s Jesus.

Children’s Question:  Is it ever too early to learn the Bible?  What does today’s Bible reading teach us about children knowing the Bible?

III.  Words That Move, Unlike Anything Ever

A.  Scripture = God.  There are no ifs or ands.

B.  Do you view God as useful?

C.  Let God’s Word do what you never could.

D.  Realize and desire the wisdom that’s available.

Children’s Question:  List some good parts of doing things God’s way as opposed to the world’s way.


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