Summary Thoughts About the Local Church

This Sunday will mark the end of our local church series.  A couple sermons about the Word of God will be followed by a series on the Old Testament which will take us to advent.

Here are a few thoughts to sum up the local church series:

  1. We can’t do anything unless it’s under, about, directly from, or for Jesus, our Lord and the head of the Church.  ALL local churches have this goal.
  2. The local church functions in a way that no other organization functions.  No other organization has its leader sitting on a throne in heaven!
  3. Jesus is a leader who is perfectly capable of equipping people to carry out His mission.  The fact that He gives the gifts how He sees fit should destroy any envy we have for others and how they can benefit the body.
  4. Local church leadership is vital. It is a reflection of Jesus’ desire to shepherd (lead) his followers (called sheep).
  5. Local church worship should be a gathering of people who desire to bring God the glory and honor he deserves.  People participating in that worship should cherish that time, prepare for it, and come focused.  
  6. The church worship gathering is about and for the God of the Bible rather than the god of what we like or prefer.
  7. Local church mission is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit and reaches near and far.
  8. Local church mission involves individuals gifted by the Holy Spirit who use discernment to serve Jesus their King in ways that encourage and build others up.
  9. Giving in the local church should be done only through God and as a result of power and influence in our lives. Our giving reflects His love for us and others through Christ Jesus.

I hope these summary thoughts challenge you and help you think.  Most of the sermons are available for listening on this blog.  Some are missing because we’ve been having some technical difficulties.  

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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