4 Things God did at Project Shine 2013

1) Teenagers professed faith in God and Jesus Christ.  We got to see God soften hearts and students show their desire to follow God for the first time.  How joyous it is to see teens choosing life in Christ as God pours out His salvation upon them.  The joy is beyond words.  Praise God!

2) There was a cross and a fish in the sky during our Thursday community event.



Now I admit, I am a skeptic with things like this.  But come on, seriously?  A clearly visible cross and fish in the sky over our parking lot as we were sharing the gospel with the neighborhood?  That’s pretty sweet.  And we certainly didn’t strategize for that to happen – God did it.

3) A great partnership with Mission Akron.  Several months ago, we found out the Akron Bridge and Temple (a larger church right around the corner from us) was doing a missions outreach opportunity for their teenagers the same week we do Project Shine.  Throughout the past several months, we had been working with the Mission Akron leaders to find practical ways to partner, and last week we got to witness teens & adults from multiple churches (and mission trips) working together for the same cause.  It was an incredible experience for us all to work together in the Kenmore community, and we are confident that it was God that allowed the partnership to work so well.

4) He gave us our life and breath.  I was personally challenged with this thought throughout the week.  Yes, we finished 8 house paints, 13 yard jobs, 11 decks, and 7 garages for a total of 39 projects.  Can we take credit for that though?  I mean isn’t it God who created our hands that did the work?  Did he not give us each breath, each heart beat to accomplish the work before us?  We can’t take credit for anything, and he gets all the glory.

There are dozens of other things that I could mention.  I could mention the weather, how God provided leaders in specific areas, or how he spoke through our main speaker in specific ways.  I’m confident there are even things that God did that I don’t know about, and that is awesome.

Let’s remember, HE is the one who accomplished a great work through Project Shine 2013 – not us.




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