6-16-13 Mark 15:16-32 NIV

Having Confidence in the Death of Jesus

I.  Prophecy Fulfilled

A.  Psalm 22:7 — Insults are hurled.

B.  Psalm 22:11 — No one was there to help.

C.  Psalm 22:15 — Thirst is a part of suffering.

D.  Psalm 22:18 — Garments were divided.

II.  This King Is Not Their King

A.  A robe and a crown.

B.  Hatred carried over into soldiers.

C.  Striking and spitting showed they wanted nothing to do with him.

III.  This is Not Comfortable

A.  Imagine being Simon.

B.  Place of the skull.

C.  Clothing removed.

D.  The crowd and leaders had no confidence.


Is this the foundation of everything you are?


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