6-2-13 Mark 14:66-72 NIV

I.  Still in the Courtyard

A.  The leaders got it wrong.

B.  Peter gets it wrong.

C.  Being close isn’t good enough.

II.  Jesus Knew What Peter Didn’t

A.  Remember 14:27 — You WILL fall away.

B.  There is fear in being close to Jesus.

C.  Confusion and snap reactions are real.

III.  Dangers to Be Aware Of

A.  Danger #1: Failing to act out of humility (pride).

B.  Danger #2: Failing to act from spiritual resources.

C.  Danger #3: Failing to see Peter in ourselves.  We must repent quickly too!

D.  Danger #4: Failing to realize God is present in failure.


Jesus’ prediction and Peter’s failure should jolt us into action.

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