5-12-13 Ephesians 5:1-21 NIV

Live a Life of Love

I.   A Clear Message of Your Standing Demonstrates Love.

      A.  Be able to answer: are you a child of God?

     B.  Demonstrate your acceptance of God’s love.

     C.  Imitating Christ is fragrance.

II.  Light Is Glorious.

     A.  Sin is dark.

     B.  Sin dims beauty.

     C.  Seek light!

III.  The Life of Love

     A.  Love maximizes life.

     B.  Love relinquishes control.

     C.  Love gives thanks.

IV.  Application

     A.  For men: recognize differences and genuinely lead toward Christ!

     B.  For all:  extend grace.

     C.  Women: show us your unique gifts and encourage us with your lives of love!


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