Five Thoughts for Monday

Here is a short collection of thoughts to share for Monday.  I hope these encourage and challenge.

1. Challenge is a part of life.

Please don’t expect the easy road.  There just isn’t one.  Anytime you desire spiritual growth in your life or in anyone else’s life, there will be challenge.  Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.  He turns the challenge into immense joy.  Please trust Him to do that today.

2. Know your weaknesses.

It’s a good thing to know where Satan will attack you.  We all have weaknesses he loves to exploit.  We should be open with another believer about these weaknesses and look to God for help staying focused.  Overcoming weaknesses is possible. We should know them first.

3. Growth doesn’t happen without commitment to others.

I have never met a Christian who is able to grow without commitment to others.  Never.  Please chew on that if you’re reading this and ask yourself: 1) what can I do to further my own commitment to others? 2) what can I do to encourage others to further their commitment?

4. Communion is spectacular.

What a re-ordering of mind and priority on a monthly basis.  To stop and think about the death of Jesus is truly a way to re-orient our thinking about life, God, and what’s important.  I praise Jesus that he gave up His body and blood for men to have an avenue to salvation.

5. Invest in your family.

You will have one family.  Others in your life may come and go, but your legacy will be lived mostly through your family.  Please think about the example you are setting.  Those in your care will form opinions about what you think is important.  Remember that you are in control of those thoughts.  Show them they’re important, and most importantly, that Jesus is important!

Hope you have a great Monday.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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