4-28-13 Mark 14:22-31 NIV

God’s Promises, Our Failures

I.   Give Thanks?

A.  The change in covenant was coming

B.  The body would endure.

C.  The blood would flow.

D.  And, He gave thanks.

II.  Rock Solid Promises

A.  Remember the unknown in this passage.

B.  See Jesus explain the truth.

C.  Embrace the FACT that God’s promises are not going to fail.

III. God’s Promises Reveal Our Failure

A.  We are no better than Peter.

B.  Planning to fail mocks Jesus.

C.  Our resolutions should be humble.

D.  The self is unknown.  Jesus’ love is not.


As we take communion today, does the thankfulness of Jesus bring deeper trust in his promises?


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