How do you know God is real?

If someone were to ask you, “How do you know God is real?” how would you respond?  This is often a question that gets asked by teenagers who are struggling to believe.  I’ve thought about this question a bit this morning, and thought of 4 quick ways that I would respond.

1) God’s Word.  The Bible is a miraculous book.  It is incredible how authors who wrote books and letters thousands of years apart all wrote in a consistent theme.  We have overwhelming evidence that the New Testament that we read today is the same as the original writings.  I believe the Bible is true, therefore God must exist!

2) The miracle of life.  At this current chapter of my life, I am daily amazed at the miracle of pregnancy.  Seriously, you should learn what happens in the womb.  Science can explain most of what happens but not how or why.  What happens between one cell and a child being born (who is able to think, reason, and have emotions) is nothing short of a miracle.  It is clear evidence of God to me.

3) The miracle of vegetation.  In much the same way, I am amazed at the miracles that happen in our backyards and gardens.  A seed, when given nutrients, air, and light turns into a plant which produces food.  It really is an incredible thing.  How does something that is dead produce life? (See any symbolism there?)  I’m afraid we have too often overlooked the evidence of God found in the world around us – even the grass in our yards.

4) He has not failed me yet.  I have believed in God since I was very young.  I have grown up in the faith and have decided that my life is going to be about serving God.  Through my journey, I can honestly say that He has not failed me yet.  There have been difficulties and things that I do not understand, but I have not encountered anything that has caused me to say that there is no God.  In fact, the opposite has happened.  The more I have experienced life, the more assured I have become in my faith.

If asked today, this is how I would respond. 

How would you respond if asked?


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