10 Good Things About Summit County

If you pay attention to the news, you will not have to look far to find negative things about Summit County.  Troubles in education, economy, and violence sell newspapers and keep the news on the air.  As part of our Summit Ablaze week, our regular Wednesday prayer group begin by praising God for 10 good things about Summit County.  In no particular order, here they are.

1. Access to medical care.

2. Metro parks.

3. Strong Body of Christ.

4. Friendly people.

5. Variety of living options.

6. Relatively low cost of living.

7. Many attractions and events (both in the county and close by).

8. Change in seasons.

9. Faithful care and protection in police, fire, and education.

10. Cultural diversity.

Now, if you want to be negative, you could poke holes or find something wrong with each of these.  If you’d like to be miserable all day long, I cannot stop you from exercising that right.  Instead I would challenge you to think about your slice of the world as a Summit County resident and praise God for the various good things you enjoy.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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