The Resurrection: Fewer People Believe It Happened – Do You?

Yesterday, we had powerful celebrations of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Today, I read this article which shows less people believe it happened compared to a year ago.

Click through on that link to read the article.  Once you’ve done so, here are a few thoughts:

1. It is no surprise.

Big surprise – less people believe what the Bible says is true.  As a culture, I think we’re less interested in truth than we were a year ago, so why would we be surprised that people don’t believe this specific doctrine as much as they used to?

2.  It’s ALL doctrines.

It’s not just this one, folks.  It’s ALL doctrines.  It’s easy to say that people want their way when it comes to moral issues such as abortion, alcohol, gambling, gay marriage, etc.  When it comes to the resurrection, there is no exception.  Less morality means less belief in Scripture.

3. Do NOT fret.

There is no reason to fret.  None.  God is in control and our mission hasn’t changed.  We are to make disciples, tell the truth, and lead others to it.  We should have no shame.  I think a big advantage in a culture that doesn’t like Jesus or truth very much is that the true believers will be easier to spot.

Just a few of my thoughts.  Live today in the power of the resurrection!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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