Holy Week: The Death of Jesus

There are many things to consider regarding the death of Jesus Christ.  Volumes have been filled as theologians (rightly) pore over these events to squeeze the utmost praise from these pages.

So, for today, I will share a few short points to help you think.

1. Violence is required.

Our sin is ugly, dark, ruinous.  There is no doubt whatsoever that the weight of our sin is what sets the death of Jesus as the key event in history.  Sin cannot be made right by the sinner.  It must be made right by God.  And, for that, violence was required.  The splashing blood and ripping flesh are reminders of the power of our sin and the greater power of the sacrifice that forgave it.

2. Forgiveness is real.

There is a message in the cross of Jesus Christ that no other religion on earth has: confidence in forgiveness.  When Jesus cried on the cross: “It is finished!”, the sacrificial system was destroyed.  The last sacrifice for sin had been made.  And thus, when we bring our sin to that cross, we find the glorious reality of forgiveness.  Please, whether you believe in Jesus or whether you are considering placing your faith in Christ and repenting of your sins, know that the forgiveness offered by Christ on that cross will NEVER be upstaged.  It’s powerful to transform; the price has been paid.

3. Give up.

There is no standing in a relationship with God that is brought about or maintained on our own.  We must GIVE UP trying to please and impress God in order to earn His favor.  He showed us His favor, while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8).  He showed us His favor when he didn’t have to.  He took our place on the cross so the suffering would be his.  The entire spectacle of Jesus’ torture, suffering, and death was done in a way that destroys human striving.  Will Jesus forgive my sin?  He has already done what it takes to forgive it.  Should you desire to put your faith in Him instead of yourself, your life will instantly change from earthly and limited to spiritual and eternal.

He died to bring dead people to life.  If you believe, rejoice in that.  If you don’t, consider it, and consider repenting of your sins and trusting Jesus to forgive you.  He’s the only one who can, and it’s only by His act of shedding blood and dying that it can happen.


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