Church: Go all out for Passion Week!

Christ went all out for you, it’s time to go all out for Him.  I know lots of Christians who observe Lent, denying themselves certain pleasures or taking extra time to focus on sin, humanity, Christ, etc.  My encouragement for Christians as we approach Passion Week:  Go all out!

Here’s what I mean:

I know that “Passion Week” is a week on a calendar that the Church celebrates each year.  I know that the Resurrection is really celebrated every Sunday because our day of worship reflects the day of His rising from the dead.

Regardless, this week IS a time of celebration.  And, like Christmas, people celebrate lots of things.  Candy, a bunny, eggs, bright colors, the giving of gifts: all of these mark Easter for society at large. But, like Christmas, it really is about Christ.  And thus, our week as believers next week should look different from that of the world.

Here are some ways believers can go “all out” for Passion Week.

1. Pray.

Well, duh.  Big surprise.  No, seriously.  Pray for the Church worldwide to have an effective witness for Jesus next week.  Pray for your local church.  And if you’re a part of Goss Memorial Church, please pray for our church.  We will spend extra amounts of energy next week preparing and leading services which are designed to . . .

2. Focus on Jesus.

Yes, focus next week.  Focus in prayer (#1) and focus on Christ.  Take extra time to dwell on His glory, dwell on the events we teach, preach, and celebrate.  Let your mind be a sponge for the glory of God that is absorbing truth that can be wrung out in your lives.  Dwell, linger, think.  And, in order to do that, you may need to . . .

3. Sacrifice.

Don’t miss Passion Week because you’re caught up in March Madness.  You may need to sacrifice time to attend a couple extra services.  You may need to sacrifice your TV time (or some tournament games) in order to do items #1 and #2.  Perhaps the removal of distractions (food, Facebook or social media anyone?) will allow more space in your mind to put Jesus front and center.  This whole week is about Jesus coming to serve us, to sacrifice for us, and to triumph for us.  So, in light of all He did for us, how about we . . .

4. Serve Him.

Go all out and serve.  Invite someone to church.  Tell someone about Jesus.  Express spiritual concern in the life of someone you love.  Sacrifice some time and do something for someone, or make a commitment to do so in the future.

The bottom line?

This is a season when spiritual things are heightened in Christianity.  It is an awesome time to allow spiritual things to be heightened in your own lives.  May the love, the sacrifice, the power of our Lord Jesus be on full display next week as we gather.  So, both individually and corporately, church:


In Christ,



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