Fear, Walk, Love, Serve


Fear, Walk, Love, Serve is the theme of the BreakOut Youth Conference this weekend.  Deuteronomy 10:12 is a powerful statement made by Moses, the God chosen leader of the Israelite who had just committed blasphemy by worshiping a Golden Calf instead of worshiping God alone.  God had just remade the Stone Tablets containing the 10 commandments because Moses broke the first ones in anger.

In verse 12, Moses is laying out God’s requirements.  He requires us to:

Fear him.  He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth.  He created all things.  He has always been and will always be.  He delivered the Israelites from slavery, across the Red Sea, and into the promised land.  We HAVE to be reverent in our approach to our God.

Walk in all his ways.  Not just some, but ALL of his ways.  It is easy for us to choose the luxuries of following God and ignore the difficulties.  We are to follow ALL of His ways.  Walking with him requires us to be near to God, and does not allow us to be stagnant.  We have to move in order to walk.

Love Him.  This is one of the most simplistic, yet astonishingly profound commands in God’s Word.  We are to LOVE God.  We are to have a whole hearted, action packed passionate love for our God.  God DESIRES for us to love him – He WANTS our love.

Serve Him.  Not just half way, but with ALL of our hearts, and with ALL of our soul.  Knowing God REQUIRES action.  We can not truly love God without serving Him.  What have we done for the Kingdom this month?  This week?  Today?

May God grant us the grace we need to carry out what is required of us.




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