Rejoice! God Can Save You

Psalm 5:11 was the basis for the message I gave today at Dorothy Ramsey’s memorial service.  The Psalm is powerful, but look at a couple key things.

1.  We have enemies.

David had enemies.  We, as human beings have enemies.  Doubts, sins, failures, fear.  These things can dog our minds, emotions, and memories with a relentless tenacity.  David was pressed by his enemies.  We are pressed as well.

2. Those who love the name of God.

This implies an act of faith.  It also implies those who don’t.  There is no peace, rejoicing, relief from enemies in those who do not love the name of God.  There is added suffering in this life and untold suffering in eternity.  It’s unimaginable.

3.  Ever Sing the Praise!

Yes, there is eternity.  It is one of the ways my enemies are defeated.  I will not live with guilt, shame, and doubts forever.  Through faith in Christ, these things are squelched and replaced with the boldness that the stone was rolled away and Christ emerged from the grave.  We CAN rejoice!

And, I hope you do.  I pray that your enemies will be given over to God – they’re ultimately His enemies, not yours.  Focus on eternity, the power of the name of Jesus, and the enemies we have in this life will surrender to God’s power in us.

Have a great weekend everyone.  

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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