It’s crunch time

In 2 days, we will be taking a group of students to the Dare 2 Share conference.  It is a Goss Youth Ministry goal to provide at least one weekend special event opportunity per month.  Some special events take more preparation than others, but there are always details the week of to tie up.  I thought it would be fun to share with you what is on my list of things to do as we finalize our plans for this weekend.

Finalize transportation.  I mean, I’ve got options, so I’m not completely behind in the game.  Just a couple of unknowns with potential vans.  I’ve got a fall back option which is always crucial.  We will get there – just trust me.

Get permission slips turned in.  Right now I have commitments, but not all the permission slips and medical release forms are turned in.  I’m hoping my stack grows tonight!

Make arrangements to pick up a student from school.  Sometimes you do what you can to ease the burden on the family and make sure the teen can make the trip.  In this case, we have to leave right after school to make it on time.

Communicate with the host church. We are fortunate enough to have a connection with a church in the area of the conference where we (and 2 other Akron area churches) will be staying for free.  They are providing a place for us to sleep and breakfast, so I want to see if there is anything else I can do to help.  p.s. In-laws are the best!

Decide the Saturday afternoon’s outreach experience.  For this particular event, each youth group decides how to use 3-4 hours to evangelize.  The conference is leaving it up to the Youth Leaders to decide the structure for this time.  I have a good idea what we are going to do, but will be deciding once I talk to other Youth Pastors from the Akron area.

Pack.  I still need to pack everything I need to take.  This will definitely happen no earlier than Friday afternoon.

Promote the next event.  Tonight I am really pushing our NEXT event with our teens.  I’ve found that I always need to be looking 2-3 events down the road as things need to happen in order for those events to happen.  T-shirt sizes are due for our next event in a week, so I need to get those permission slips in! 

There are 48 1/2 hours until departure.  It’s crunch time.




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