My Reflections: Kenmore Community Stop the Violence Event

Last Saturday (2/16) the Kenmore Community came together for a Stop the Violence event.  This event was community driven, with well rounded local support.  Please take the time to watch the Fox 8 piece that can be found here.

Here are a few reflections:

1. There was no doubt this event pointed people to belief in God.

I am not sure it was scripted this way, but several people who shared Saturday night talked about how their lives had been changed because of meeting God.  Out of a harsh and violent lifestyle and into a more peaceful one.  This was very exciting to hear about as it strikes at the heart of what we believe about Jesus.  He truly CAN change lives, bringing about great fruit where once things looked hopeless.

2. Forgiveness was present.

It was very neat to hear several people affected by violence talk about forgiving those who had attacked them.  The spirit in the room truly was peaceful and echoes of Romans 12:21 were everywhere to be found: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

This gathering truly wanted to replace broken values and a culture of violence with something better.  Forgiveness was a part of that theme and it was very encouraging.

3. The Kenmore Community wants to change.

Yes, you heard it.  This event was not started by a church, but by concerned individuals from the community who wanted to help people heal and who wanted to, as one of the organizers put it, make history.  “This is Kenmore history!” was one of the cries heard at the outdoor portion.  Indeed, I hope it is.  People who have grown up in this community (and perhaps have contributed to the negative culture) stood together in rejection of the current culture and stated their desire for a different, better, place to live.

4. I encourage you to change your thinking and talking about Kenmore.

Our church and many other organizations and churches can be a significant part of change for this community. But, we must have a good mindset.  If we talk poorly about this community, I think it reflects an attitude that we think the place is hopeless.  If that is your attitude, please commit today to changing that attitude!  Say good things.  Encourage people in the city that you talk to that good things are happening in Kenmore.  Tell people you’re glad you live in Kenmore or you’re glad to be a part of a church that ministers in Kenmore.

And, honestly, if you don’t believe that and you have no desire to say those things, I’m going to challenge you to think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. The negativity is not needed!

The bottom line is that lives are changing, desires are changing, and God is moving.  Please be excited about that and be praying for the Church in Kenmore and the community as a whole.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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