I’m Convinced There Must Be Praise . . .

1. In our hearts.

From the heart of the worshiper there should arise a thunderous praise.  Always.  As this praise rises, it fills the worshiper and blesses God.  Praise resonates in the soul, spills out in all kinds of circumstances, and lets others know where your true allegiance lies.  God has done much; His power grips the soul.  Is there praise in your heart? Always?

2. For other Christians.

Praising and encouraging one another is a fine way to build up a church.  Did someone do a nice job on a project? Are you inspired by someone else’s evangelistic zeal? Is there someone you’re learning from? Praise them. Encourage them.  Build them up – I’m sure this is the tone of I Corinthians 12-14.

3. In the family.

Families are stronger when praise exists. There should be together times of praising God.  There should also be intentional praise for individual family members, including from spouse to spouse.  This type of praise establishes God’s rule in your home and increases the environment of love, joy, and peace.

Have a great weekend.  Be full of praise.  I’m convinced it should be so, regardless of our circumstances!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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