Awaken the dawn

Psalm 57:8 – “Awake, my soul!  Awake, harp and lyre!  I will awaken the dawn.”
Psalm 108:2 – “Awake, harp and lyre!  I will awaken the dawn.”
I have been challenged lately by the powerful imagery of David’s worship awakening the dawn.  Think about that for a moment. 
David says HE will awaken the dawn.  With his worship of God.
I have thought about this imagery literally.  I can imagine David worshiping all night long with his harp and lyre, writing new songs, and calling out praises to God in the darkness of the night.  I can picture him in the fields under the vast expanse of the starry sky singing and dancing.  Perhaps he worshiped all night long with great anticipation of the sun eventually rising. 
I have also thought about this imagery figuratively.  I can picture David worshiping God during the dark times in his life, when everything seemed to be falling apart, and there was little hope of light.  I wonder if because he worshiped God, that new dawns were awoken in his life and in his nation.  I can see him falling on his face in worship, and God responding by bringing him hope, renewal and light into his life.
So I have been asking myself…
Do I worship God in the darkest moments of my life? 
Do I worship God all day and all night long? 
Do I worship with the anticipation of new days being brought into existence because of my worship?
If I don’t worship, are new dawns never realized?
Do I worship with the anticipation of revival?
May our worship of God awaken the dawn.

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