Sanctity of Human Life – Questions from my heart.

Why not make it an entire week of posting about Sanctity of Human Life?

We have posted some resources on our church’s blog already, and today it’s my desire to post some questions to help you think, pray, and respond:

  1. If someone were killing innocent people in the house next to us and the government said it was legal, would we do something about it?
  2. Do you truly have a desire to show the love, grace, and forgiveness available through Christ to those who have had abortions and to those in the pro-abortion camp?
  3. Are you thoroughly convinced this is a spiritual issue? Or, do you view this as political, and just not want to get involved?
  4. Are you aware the two women in the original Supreme Court cases that legalized abortions have reversed course and are now both pro-life?
  5. Are you wiling to commit to pray that God would be honored and glorified through a reduction in abortions in the United and States and around the world?
  6. Is there some specific way you feel called to get involved?

Please, think, pray, respond.  May we have a heart for the unborn, and may we desire the gospel reach many in this fight!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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