12 things from 2012

Who doesn’t like an end of the year list?  I know I do.  I really enjoy taking the time and reflecting on what has happened in the past year.  Perhaps I am a little late with this post, but I hope you will enjoy seeing just 12 things that happened through the Youth Ministry at Goss in 2012.

1) 2 teens became official United States citizens.

2) 3 teenagers were baptized.

3) The Youth Room and Gymnasium became wheel-chair accessible.

4) We added another table to our Sunday School class because we needed more space.

5) 4 students graduated from High School.

6) 12 teens from Goss Church participated in the Project Shine work week.

7) 3 teens traveled to the country of Haiti for a short term mission trip.

8) 9 teens volunteered, served, and taught during Goss’ Vacation Bible School.

9) 1 teen left a life of drugs and crime and is pursuing a God centered life.

10) Many teens made decisions to rededicate their lives and pursue real faith in Christ during Hiatus.

11) The youth leaders gave out over a dozen Bibles to teens who specifically asked for one to read.

12) God was active in big and small ways, growing, maturing, and teaching the teens His truth through His word, Christian fellowship, and prayer. 

Let’s always remember to praise Him for the all things that He has accomplished!  He is mighty!  He is powerful!  He is alive and active.  Praise Him!




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