Discipleship Ideas for Christmas Break Downtime

If you’re like me, this is a slow week.  I feel slow, things seem to be moving slow, and because of that, I have to watch that my passion for Jesus doesn’t slow.

Here are a few ideas for discipleship off the top of my head.  The goal here is to stimulate thinking and action.  If you have some others, feel free to post a comment!


  • Pray the gifts you gave and received are used for God’s glory.
  • Pray for God to stir your heart if you feel slow or depressed.
  • Give God praise for all the good things in 2012 – make a list to remind yourself if need be!

The Word:

  • Do an extra study on Christmas or one of our Gospel of Mark passages.
  • Take some extra time to share a Bible passage with your family.
  • Ask a neighbor, co-worker, or family member what they are learning about the Bible.
  • Ask someone at church how they’ve been growing.


  • Take some extra time to write cards to someone who needs encouragement (hint: we all need encouragement).
  • Encourage someone with some specific area of growth you’ve noticed in their life.
  • Share a Scripture or pray with someone who’s experienced a recent loss.
  • Share your holiday goodies and have some folks over for fellowship.  Use these opportunities to get to know someone you don’t know very well.


  • Ask someone about Christmas.  Ask why they celebrated and see where the conversation leads.
  • Use some downtime to pray about evangelism for yourself and for our church.
  • Think about a strategy for evangelism for 2013.  Evangelism is like the laundry: someone’s got to do it, it might as well be you!

Hope you all have a great Friday.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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