Three Thoughts About Christmas

Christmas is coming Tuesday.  Here are three quick thoughts:

1.  Don’t miss God’s Love.

God is so patient with His people.  As I reflect on what He’s done throughout history, and the timing of Jesus’ coming, it must be said that God loved his people for over a thousand years before He sent Jesus.  The overall trajectory of their lives and faithfulness was downhill, and He stayed with them, ultimately fulfilling HIs promises in the birth of Christ.

2.  Give gifts to Jesus – it’s His birthday.

How much would we have enjoyed it at our 7 year old birthday party if our friends came over and gave gifts to each other?  I was challenged this week with that thought.  That’s really what most people do at Christmas. “Hey Jesus, we’re going to celebrate your birthday – by giving each other gifts!”  Be sure to give some gifts to the King who was born.  And give all gifts in the spirit of Him who was born.

3.  Yearn.

Christmas is a reminder.  The Israelites yearned for a Savior.  He was born.  So this Christmas, yearn for those who don’t know Jesus.  Ask God for an increased hunger to see Him at work.  Also, yearn for His return.  “For His returning we watch and we pray” is the line of one of my favorite worship songs.  Like the Israelites yearned for Jesus’ birth, let us yearn for God’s activity and movement, culminating in His return.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas.  I will be praying for everyone connected to Goss Memorial this Christmas!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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