The plan & the goal

As I was doing my Advent Devotions this morning, I was struck by these two simple sentences. 

The plan is His. The goal is Him.

The plan is His.  How often do we stop to remember just how powerful God is?  He holds ALL things together.  He has always existed and will always exist.  He is all knowing.  He knows what is going on at all times.  He knows what your thoughts are going to be tomorrow.  Not only does He just have knowledge, he has control and power over the world.  As we navigate our Christian walk, it is critical that we remember that God is orchestrating His master plan of redeeming the world.  We shouldn’t come up with our own plans, but should join HIS plan.

The goal is Him.  Too often I forget that achieving success in life or ministry is not the goal.  The goal is God.  The goal is a deep, intimate relationship with the creator of the universe.  That’s it!  Even if zero of my expectations are fulfilled, whether it be in ministry or in my personal life, I want to be a person whose success is based solely in what my God thinks about me. 

The plan is His.

The goal is Him.




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