Discipleship Resources

We have launched a new page to our church’s website!  It is entitled Discipleship Resources.  The hope for this page is to encourage and equip us to grow in the four areas of discipleship (Prayer, The Word, Fellowship, and Witnessing).  As we grow together in our understanding and application of discipleship, we will add to our list of resources that are beneficial to our growth in these areas.  We encourage you to borrow these resources from our church office, and to find practical ways for you to make disciples.  After all, that was Jesus’ final instruction to us while He was on earth!

In addition to these resources, this past weekend several members of Goss participated in the Multiply Movement Conference.  I came away very affirmed that this is indeed where God is leading me personally as well as collectively as a church.  I would highly encourage you to take 3 hours and watch the Multiply Movement Conference.  You will see even deeper into where God is leading the leadership of our church.  Do it!  Replace this with the next Hollywood movie that you would watch.  You won’t regret it.

It is a joy to be on this journey with other brothers and sisters in Christ at Goss Church as well as all around the world.  May we be true followers of Christ who make disciples who make disciples.




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