Do you really believe in evil?

As I have been reflecting on our sermons from the Gospel of Mark, so many of them revolve around the presence of evil. It seemed as if in Bible times it was accepted.

In 2012, especially Western Christianity, is evil a part of the equation?  Let me wonder a few things aloud and challenge you to think:

  • The last time you had a bad day, could it have been Satan working against you so your focus was skewed?
  • The last time you fought with your spouse, was it just because you were tired or had a bad day?  Did you simply excuse it as the wrong set of circumstances, or could it have been spiritual warfare designed to weaken your marriage?
  • If you caught your children in some sinful activity and you thought “kids will be kids”, “boys will be boys”, or “that’s just what teens do”, is it anywhere on your radar to pray off the evil influences leading to those behaviors?  Further, did you look inside to see if there was any way in which you as a parent may have contributed to that behavior unknowingly?
  • Do you have “discipline issues” at ministry times, programs, or services?  Is it possible that these may be Satan’s attempts to influence, distract, and increase frustration so Jesus will be less magnified and worshiped?

These are only a few primers, but I hope they serve to challenge the way we think about evil.  Further, I hope they inspire us to pray with more fervency against evil – which clearly desires to destroy both individuals and the work of Christ as a whole.

Have a great Friday everyone.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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