Praying for Youth Ministry special events


It is our goal at Goss to provide an average of one special event opportunity for our teens per month of the calendar year.  A special event is often times a trip in which teens and leaders are able to share common experiences, remove distractions from their normal lives, and have extended time together.  In the month of October, we have two weekend trips on our ministry calendar.  One already happened (Hiatus) and the other is going to happen this weekend (Rock the Road).

I got to thinking this morning about how to pray for these events.  Here are a few of my thoughts.

Wisdom for the leaders.  Not only do leaders face logistical decisions before and during the trip, they also have decisions to make about how to invest in the teenagers.  They need wisdom in what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.  Leaders can have a HUGE role in discipling and encouraging spiritual growth, and we should pray that God will grant them wisdom.

Don’t just pray for safety.  Often times ‘safety’ is the default prayer.  Praying for safety isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but that is not the main goal of these trips!  If it was, we should all just stay home on our safe, cozy couches.  In the same way that Jesus allowed His disciples to sail in the middle of a mighty storm, He is able to use unsafe situations on these trips to bring about His glory.

Spiritual growth.  We should desire for eternal things to happen on these trips.  Piling into a van for a road trip and going to camp for a weekend is fun and great, but if teens are not growing in their relationship with Christ, what is the point?  Let’s pray for real, spiritual growth for the teens!

Pray for life their return to real life.  Let’s be honest.  It is easy for teens (and us for that matter) to live out their faith when they are with other believers, outside of their normal lives.  The tendency is strong for teens to compartmentalize their faith and only seek God during these ‘mountain top’ experiences.  We should pray that students will live out their faith in a stronger way when they return to their everyday lives.

What do you think?  How else can we best pray for Youth Ministry special events?




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  1. Mark said

    We can also pray that as members of Christ we recognize and help to encourage these teens when we see there relationship with Christ grow.

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