When frustrated, remember it’s simple.

It’s simple.  It really is.

I know, I know, it can seem very overwhelming at times.  And lots of forces in society can make us feel discontent.

Politicians can make us feel discontent, or poor. Commercials and media can make us feel discontent in many many ways. Facebook, internet etc. — everywhere we turn there is someone or something that can make us feel overwhelmed in the name of not having something.

But remember it’s simple.

Are you frustrated today because things aren’t going right? It’s simple.

Are you frustrated today because you wish you had something? It’s simple.

Are you frustrated today because of a recurring problem that doesn’t seem to go away? It’s simple.

Yes, remember it’s simple.

Jesus is on the throne, God is mighty.  He has created you and given you life and breath.  And whether you’re facing difficult medical news, uncertain future, failing health, financial pressure, insert your own struggle here, . . . remember it’s simple.

We can praise God and choose to be thankful every single day.  Or, we can convince ourselves that God really doesn’t know our problems or care.  I challenge you, wherever you struggle, to praise God for 20 things today.  Yes, 20!  And if you can’t come up with 20, keep going until you do – even if that takes all weekend!  Ask God to help you re-orient your struggles to praise.

In the face of losing everything and everyone he ever had on this earth, Job said . . . “May the name of the Lord be praised.”  Powerful!

Let us look forward to how God will guide our lives and use the gifts He’s given us so we can give Him glory.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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  1. Ferree said

    It really is that simple! And powerful. Thank you.

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