In my Bible reading, I have found myself in the book of Job the past couple of weeks.  In reading through the story this time, I am especially struck by the character Elihu.  If you are unfamiliar with the book of Job, I would highly recommend taking the time to read it. 

As many of you know, Job is the story of God allowing Satan to take away almost everything that Job has, including his possessions, his animals, his servants, and even his family members.  Eventually Satan even takes away Job’s physical health by inflicting him with diseases and sores all over his body.  It’s so bad that he sits around in ashes, scraping his skin with broken pottery.  Three of Job’s friends begin to offer their greatest insights to Job as to why this is all happening.  It must be because of Job’s sin, they insist.  After listening to his friends, Job maintains that he is innocent and righteous.

Then Elihu enters the story.

Scripture tells us in chapter 32 that Elihu was angry, younger than the others, and hesitant to speak up due to his age.  It’s almost as if Elihu had reached his boiling point.  He knew that Job’s friends were in the wrong, and he also knew that Job’s thoughts were not correct.  Elihu rightfully exalts God’s power, while lowering Job’s position by reminding him that there is no one who is righteous before God.

I have wondered these questions to myself as a result of studying the character Elihu.

How many of us know what to say, but don’t have the boldness to say it?

Are we willing to say difficult things to people in order to expose the truth?

Do I get angry for the right reasons?  Do I anger over a lack of truth?  Do I get angry when God’s position is lowered in people’s minds and actions?

Do we ever think we are too young to voice our point of view?

May you be challenged as I have been through Elihu’s boldness.




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