Your role in disciple-making – a little can go a long way!

We have been talking a lot about making disciples, or the basic idea of growing in your own faith and sharing with others to help their growth.  Here is a basic concept to think about:  a little can go a long way.

Maybe you’re like me and you enjoy going to Taco Bell.  If you don’t, you can at least appreciate what I’m about to say.  I love going to Taco Bell because you can drive up to the little ordering box, and say you want one of those, two of those, a side of that, and oh wait … a couple of those too.  And they’re always going to tell you it’s eleven bucks or something.  I love that! (Insert your favorite Pastor Kevin is cheap joke here).

I really believe that our efforts in disciple making are similar.  It does NOT take a three year commitment to live every day with someone to make a disciple.  Yes, that was Jesus’ model.  But, I’m glad it’s not something that’s necessary for helping people grow in their Christian faith!  So, if you’re thinking at this point, you might be wondering what this means for you.  Well, here are some principles to think through.

  • Think of making disciples and helping people grow in their faith in connection with where you are in life.
  • Mothers who don’t work outside the home are going to have opportunities for witnessing, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship that are different than mothers who do work outside the home.
  • Retirees may have more time to invest in others’ lives than those who are trying to balance work and younger children.
  • Even if you’re super busy, use what time you do have.  Meet up with someone before Wednesday programming, or schedule fellowship and one on one time after church.  Send a text message of encouragement over your lunch break, or call to answer a question.
  • Personally, trade some wasted time for study and prayer.  Pray during TV commercials, or read a chapter at commercial break of the game.
  • Use your interests (work, sports, hobbies, Facebook) to build relationships with unbelievers.

Are you getting the idea that helping someone grow doesn’t mean you have to add a weekly commitment to your life every week?  I simply means you need to be intentional.  Give a little time here and there, show genuine interest and concern, and your love for Jesus and others will increase and multiply.

Hope this gets you thinking!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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