Questions to ask yourself

At Goss Memorial, we are in a season of renewal and refocus on the topic of discipleship.  Disciples of Christ are essentially people who seek to grow in their knowledge and application of their faith.  As a kick off to this season, we were presented with 10 Questions back in July dealing with individual discipleship.  These questions expose to us if we are growing in our relationship with Christ, or if we are stagnant.  May you be challenged as you examine yourself with these questions.

10 Questions To Ask To Make Sure You’re Still Growing*

1) Are you more thirsty for God than ever before?

2) Are you more and more loving?

3) Are you more sensitive to and aware of God than ever before?

4) Are you governed more and more by God’s Word?

5) Are you concerned more and more with the physical and spiritual needs of others?

6) Are you more and more concerned with the Church and the Kingdom of God?

7) Are the disciplines of the Christian life more and more important to you?

8) Are you more and more aware of your sin?

9) Are you more and more willing to forgive others?

10) Are you thinking more and more of heaven and of being with the Lord Jesus?




*Source: Navpress Discipleship Journal


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