The power of Acts 6:4

One verse.  Only one verse.  I know what you’re thinking.

Well, this little verse has really shaped a lot about the way I’ve been thinking about church and discipleship, and I think it’s powerful.

There are lots of things churches do, lots of good things.  And churches keep themselves busy in lots of ways.  Lots of good ways.

In Acts 6:4, though, we get the idea that the apostles wanted to focus on prayer and the ministry of the word.  What, they were above serving widows?

No, they weren’t saying they were above it.  They were saying they needed to stay focused.  This issue about the daily food distribution had the power to be very divisive, and some godly men were chosen to handle the situation.  But the apostles?  They wanted to stay focused on prayer.  And the ministry of the Word.

See, to them, Jesus was alive and real.  Now we might say we believe the same thing (I hope you do!), but to them it was special because some of them had actually seem Him alive, for real!

And, they were convinced that Jesus was absolutely the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy which pointed to the Messiah.  And they wanted to stay focused. On prayer, and the ministry of the Word.

How sad, then, when many churches in this day and age, are not known for prayer, and the ministry of the Word?  How sad, when all some churches may be known for are some good works? Or an outreach event or two here and there?

So, let’s stay focused.  Let’s honor God with the good we do.  But let’s keep prayer and the ministry of the Word (sharing God’s Word and truth with others) as fresh as we can. And, let’s ask God to bless our focus as we seek to reach others with the same truth that revolutionizes our lives.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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