Answered prayers from our Haiti experience

The blog post today is a copy of an entry from my personal blog.  I am doing a series of blog posts about our time in Haiti.  By no coincidence, this post ended up being about Prayer, which is also the discipleship topic that we focused on this past Sunday.  Its great to see God connect the dots in ministry!
Answered prayers from our Haiti experience
In our preparations for our trip to Haiti, we asked our supporters to pray for us.  Here is what I asked them to pray for, as well as the answers to them.

Pray for the Adventures in Missions organization.  Despite our main project leader having to fly back to the U.S. mid-week because of an illness, the other AIM staff were able to problem solve and put us in places where we could minister.

Pray for spiritual growth and unity with the Goss team of 12.  Not only was this answered for the Goss team, but also for the entire team of 35.  Imagine sharing 2 bedrooms, 2 restrooms, and a shared living space and having ZERO arguments.  That is what happened!  Praise God for the unity he provided!

Pray for Pastor Anouis, the Haitian pastor who we will be partnering with during our trip.  Although we were not able to spend a lot of time with the pastor, we were able to meet him and hear a little bit of his heart.  He is certainly passionate about the Lord and his community.

Pray that God would work in and through us.  God certainly worked in us, and we trust that he also worked through us as we obedient to Him during the week.

There were also many prayers during the week that we had not anticipated beforehand.  Additional prayers that were answered during the week include:

Prayers for the health of the entire team.  The 35 of us had no serious health issues during the week despite no relief from the heat and sleeping on a concrete slab.  The awesomeness of this can’t be underestimated!

Prayers for the healing of one of our teenagers.  One night we prayed very specifically for one of our teens as she was feeling very ill (fever, chills, and stomach upset).  She woke up feeling 100%.  God answered within hours of our prayers.

Prayers for a diabetic team member.  One of our team members who is severely diabetic had NO problems during the trip.  God controlled her sugar levels and health throughout the week.

Prayers for shoes and lemons.  One morning, one of our project leaders felt like God impressed the words shoes and lemons on her mind.  She thought it was strange because they are two very different things.  Later that week, one of the crews had a conversation with a family that sold shoes.  They invited them in and, unprompted, the family offered them lemons.  The family later came to where we were staying and visited with us.  Amazing.

Prayers for a pick-axe.  That same morning, one of our team members felt like God showed him a pick-axe during his prayer time.  Later that day, he was the only one on our team who was handed a pick-axe during our construction time at the church.

We don’t often reflect on our past prayers and acknowledge the answers to those prayers.  I hope you are encouraged that we can say with confidence that God heard all our prayers during our experience in Haiti.

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