Having Healthy Relationships

Here are seven quick things I’ll post to challenge you to think about the relationships you have in your family and with other believers.

  1. Do you look forward to investing in other people?
  2. Are you willing to sacrifice for others?
  3. Are you always expecting someone else to initiate a relationship or further depth?
  4. Do you genuinely pray for the spiritual growth of others and follow through on that by encouraging it in any way possible?
  5. Are you a unifying or a dividing spirit in your relationships with others?
  6. Do you believe that a spiritual community is an effective way to build meaningful relationships?
  7. Do you believe that meaningful relationships are built quickly and without conflict?

Assuming you know the right answers, the wrong answer to any one (ore more) of these questions can represent a serious imbalance in the way you are approaching relationships.   I hope to post some further thoughts on this as time permits, but for now let these questions challenge you.  And by all means, know that I believe it is worth the work to make your relationships as healthy as they can be.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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