How Jesus Made Disciples

Christianity is really a vast, deep thing.  There is no doubt that a lot of intertwined events have come together to bring the truth and the faith down through the centuries.  But one call still stands: go and make disciples.

Today I’d like to offer three principles I’ve been wrestling with about how Jesus made disciples.

1. It wasn’t tied to a place or time.

Churches are great, but the downside is that a lot of folks don’t find purpose beyond the walls of the church.  The service, the program, the outreach event — those are all great.  But, that’s where it stops.  Jesus made disciples in such a way that involved every day life.

2. It was adventurous.

I might have hated being a disciple of Jesus in the New Testament.  I really do like to have some idea of what is going to happen each day.  The disciples were constantly thrust into situations where they didn’t know the outcome.  And, they seemingly were thrust from one outcome into the next situaiton.

3. They made a lot of mistakes.

They didn’t understand.  They flat out got it wrong.  They questioned Jesus when He was trying to directly tell them the truth.  Jesus had a lot of patience in dealing with these men He had chosen.  He had a high tolerance bar for what he put up with from them.

4. How will this affect how you make a disciple?

Be challenged on this today.  Think through the call to make disciples.  How are you doing it?  Are you doing it at all?  And, what can these brief principles teach you?

Have a great Friday.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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